Ariel Lexina Adams, MFT

“All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players.”
¬Shakespeare, As You Like It

Become the person you want to be

Are you satisfied with the role you’re playing in life? Or do you feel out of touch with what’s best in yourself? You’re just sure (and you’re right) that at heart you are a vibrant, creative person, full of love and passion—but something stops you from living the life you want and having the relationships you want.

• Are you tired of following the same old life script?
• Are you despondent and lonely?
• Are you having problems in a relationship?
• Are you worried about aging?
• Are you frustrated, unable to bring your talents to fruition?
• Are you anxious, unsure what to do next in your life?
• Are you ready to create a more dynamic and energizing life story?

I offer caring, insightful, skilled help—sometimes playful and always respectful. I will be your guide on your adventure of discovery and change, your cheerleader as you take on new ways of expressing yourself and handling your life, your soothing confidante when you feel like a worthless wreck. I’ll help you find compassion for yourself when you need it, call you back to your strength and power when you are ready, and coach you in new, more powerful ways to approach your life.

Working with you alone or together with your partner, I will help you understand the dynamics of your relationships and guide you to develop new, more satisfying ways of interacting and relating, so that you connect on a deep soul level that sustains and inspires you.

Modalities and Techniques
I use a variety of techniques, including

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing),
  • guiding questions,
  • somatic awareness,
  • guided imagery,
  • EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy, for couples), and
  • drama therapy, the special focus of the Living Arts Counseling Center.

In drama therapy we can get to know the various parts of ourselves — the child, the adventurer, the critic, the saboteur, the outsider, the True Self, and many more. We can have each one express itself and have them dialogue with each other, so we find out what each part needs and what it has to give us. We can get outside the confines of our life script—of who we believe we must be—and try on something new. We can rage, flirt, brag, wail, or gloat, all without fear of consequences. We can experiment with new life scripts before taking them out into the world.

When we work together I keep my focus on the self in you that wants to come forth. It’s comforting and empowering to be seen the way I see you—as perhaps you’ve always wanted to be seen. Your soul can relax. You don’t have to defend yourself, so you can get down to the knitty-gritty: what you desire, not what you think you have to do or be. You will come to know that your passions are sacred, and this very knowing nurtures your confidence and power.

As you explore, express, and learn, you develop new life scripts for yourself, new ways of being that you can step into in your life. You are becoming who you want to be—who you always knew you really were. You’ve changed your story.

Free phone conference
If you’d like to talk with me to find out more, give me a call at (510) 841-1020 for a free 20-minute phone conference, or email me at: ala@lilygilder.org